If but every thought be left unspoken
Ladies and gentlemen, Alan Rickman

So in a most marvelous turn of events I went to New York City for a class and it was titled English 492”Drama in New York”. While I cannot describe to you in words how incredibly amazing it was to do what we were able to do, I can tell you of this. We went to see Seminar, which is the new (and absolutely incredible) play featuring Alan Rickman. Then we were informed that we had the incredible opportunity to have a talk-back with Mr. Alan Rickman himself. I, naturally, freaked out. I had been a fan sinceDie Hard. Let me tell you now, that man is magnificent. The eloquence with which he spoke was amazing. We were not allowed to record, but I put pen to paper and wrote quickly as many things as I could without becoming utterly mesmerized because every answer to a question, every word he spoke was pure poetry. So, here it is, a few quotes from the marvelous Alan Rickman.

On one of the similarites between NYC and London (on London):”Theater is a part of the life of the city.”

On if he relates to the characters he plays and if he find himself drawn to being a “bad guy”:

-“I’m playing Leonard, I’m just playing him. Now he has certain qualities, but it is up to you to decide if he’s good or bad…people want things. You can’t judge the character or you can’t play them.”

My question: 1.What would you say is the biggest difference between performing in London and here in New York City? 2.Having such a diverse canon of work and performing in such varying media forms, what would you say is the biggest difference between performing in a movie and performing in a play?

"In terms of performing in London verses here…this (motions to the class and himself) would not happen. There are still tiers and hierarchies that do not exist in America. Here I can look at you as equals and there are no real class systems to speak of. There’s no House of Lords, there is a sense of equality even as an actor that simply doesn’t exist in London." "It’s a very different creature live performance. In a live theater, an audience of 800 can see you think. You can do nothing…but it’s not really nothing."

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